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2021 Safe Management Measures

Dear Parents,

In line with the MOE regulations, please keep your child/children at home if :-

  • he/she is unwell with flu-like symptoms; or have siblings who have flu-like symptoms,

  • your child/children or your household members are required to undergo mandatory testing due to a COVID-19 cluster and have yet to be tested,

  • your child/children or your household members are placed on AA, LOA, Stay Home Notice or under a Quarantine Order.

If your child belongs to any of the above categories, do alert us so that we can advise on the online alternatives.

Together we can ensure that The Epic Mind is a safe and secure learning space for all. 


2021 Safe Management Measures

  • Prior to entry into classrooms, all students must complete the following:

    • Take temperature

    • Complete TraceTogether-only SafeEntry check-in

    • Sanitise hands

  • Masks or face shields must be worn at all times

  • Seats have been arranged to observe safe distancing

  • Frequent disinfection of classrooms and high-touch surfaces will be performed after each class

  • All students placed on Leave of Absence (LOA)/Approved Absence (AA)/Stay Home Notice (SHN)/Home Quarantine Order (HQO) must not attend lessons

  • All students displaying any COVID-19 symptoms (such as fever and respiratory symptoms) will not be allowed to enter

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