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Beyond Just The Classroom


The Epic Mind Learning Loft (TEM) started off as the brainchild of husband-wife team, Kelvin and Anne since their time as university students. Passionate about knowledge and working with youth, they imagined a space where students of various age groups could better prepare themselves academically, while also making friends, and learning the soft skills needed for outside the classroom. 

Upon graduating from university, Kelvin and Anne began tutoring students in their home. They eventually began to run out of space in their apartment as their student base began to increase, with parents and students requesting their services solely through word-of-mouth.


In 2007, the duo's dream  of owning a space finally became a reality. The Epic Mind Learning Loft's first branch in Toa Payoh was opened, and has become a tutoring haven to more than 8000 students ranging from primary to tertiary levels till present. It has since expanded to its second branch in Hougang and continues to provide quality tutoring and life coaching in subjects such as English, Mathematics and the Sciences. 

Our VisioN

Here at the Epic Mind Learning loft, we  believe in equipping the next generation with both the mindset and skillset needed to make the world a better place.

Our Team


Kelvin Lim

Proud father of two boys. Armed with a degree in Computer Engineering in NTU. Nearly 20 years of experience as a tutor.


Kenneth Lim

Founder and creator of online Mathematics learning portal, Kenneth is always pioneering new ideas.


Steven Seah

Alumind who believes that he has much to contribute, Steven comes back to guide his juniors thru JC math like an experienced pro.



Another Alumind who has joined Team Epic because he believes in what we do. Teacher YiLong now helps with Sciences (Physics / Chemistry) while waiting for his entry to University.


Anne Low

Post-Graduate Diploma in Education with NIE. Ex-MOE Secondary School Teacher. More than 15 years of tutoring experience under her belt.


Rui Xing

Multi-talented teacher who can write a composition as easily as she can tear up the dance floor. 



Our Special Needs teacher who believes that all children can be helped, Teacher YiTing is our newest addition to our Team.

Our Team


I took A.Math and Combined Chemistry and my grades improved from D7 to A2. What I enjoyed most about my lessons was the teachers were all really caring and would always give their all when teaching. They were also friendly and really approachable which made the tuition time more fun.

What I found most memorable was the effort Mr.Kelvin put in to arrange his students to work better such as having classes all the way to night time.

Having tuition with them was as fun as it was valuable.



—  Ahmad Fairuzi, graduated 2014



Click here for the full list of Frequently Asked Questions!

Do you do one to one coaching?
We believe that a classroom environment facilitates better teaching and learning opportunities. While our teachers guide and assign work to students individually, we will sometimes encourage students to work together or guide each other in the process as well. This engages and creates a co-operative environment between students. 
What are classes like in The Epic Mind?
Here in The Epic Mind, we apply a customised curriculum method of teaching. We believe that every learner varies in pace and needs, and thus our educators will guide and assign work to each student individually. As such we keep our classes as small as possible, with one tutor to five students at a given time. 
Would it be too tiring for my child to sign up for back to back classes?
While your child will be actively engaged by our tutors throughout the course of the class, we do provide time for them to take ample breaks and rest. We also hope to instill the value of independent learning and grit, and while back to back classes might be tiring to students at first, it will eventually develop your child's endurance,  which is an important skill leading up to major tests and examinations.
Are there any hidden charges or additional discounts?
There are no hidden charges. We want to create an environment that is honest and fuss free for our clients so that we can facilitate learning, and not negotiate prices. For that same reason, we believe in delivering good results for a fair price and will not provide any discounts that will undermine the quality education for your child.
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